Medical device innovation and development Services

Kickr Design offers everything you need for your healthcare and medical device development. Our turn-key medical development services include design control, risk management, and prototyping all the way through contract manufacturing. Kickr's engineering team provides all of the services to expertly design, test, and manufacture your Class I and Class II medical devices. Throughout the development process, we work directly with you to realize every important aspect of your device, including:

  • Determining the technical specifications of your device
  • Engineering & design for usability
  • Selecting and optimizing the appropriate materials
  • Building, integrating, and testing software solutions
  • Prototyping and testing your design
  • Packaging design including labeling requirements
  • Writing documentation and filing all appropriate paperwork for FDA approval and certification for Class I and Class II devices


Our clients at FIGARO CROWNS™ INC are the inventors of the patent pending fiberglass crowns known for being the strongest, prettiest, and best value for any dental restorative. Kickr Design has supported FIGARO CROWNS™ with materials formulation, design, prototyping, testing, Canada Health, FDA & CE approval and manufacturing. 


Interested in developing or getting FDA approval of a medical device? Have any questions about our services? Contact us to get in touch with one of our expert engineers!