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Soft goods development

Innovation in advanced soft goods and wearables

Fabric selection in Soft goods for development services

Innovating textile or fabric-based products is no easy task.

Do you have a brilliant idea of how to blend unique technical or material elements into a textile product that can change the market and change lives?  Developing a soft-goods product takes a unique skill set and process that differs from the product design process of other types of products.  

We start with a user-focused approach and blend our advanced engineering skills in hard goods and electronics with an intimate understanding of textile product construction to bring your product to life.  Textile products must be comfortable, and integration of advanced engineering elements in a seamless way so the product feels just right to the user is what we pride ourselves in.

A peek at the process

The materials we choose for your product are a critical first step in development. A thorough understanding of the products needs, from weather resistance, movement, compatibility, stretch and finishes is critical to selecting or working with textile manufacturers to design the perfect materials for your project. This is the foundation of the product, and will effect the performance, comfort and ultimately success of your product.

Integrating your unique technology, whether that is hard components, electronics, software features or just a unique blend of materials, is our next step. Leveraging our strong engineering talent we will seamlessly incorporate the high or low tech elements into your garment in a way that is functional, comfortable and manufacturable.

Using our in-house soft goods prototyping lab we will use stitching, cut & sew, bonding, lamination, thermoforming, compression molding and other techniques to fabricate your soft good prototype. Iteration can be expedited when compared to an outside vendor since we can build and test quickly right in our own facility.

Often a final output of the process is not only a prototype, but a full tech pack that can be presented to a textile product manufacturer. The tech pack is like your product’s instruction manual, helping the manufacturer of your specialized product understand its construction. Communicating with soft-goods manufacturers is often more complex and nuanced. Having a development team behind you that understands the unique process and has strong relationships with with soft goods manufacturers will help ensure the transition from prototype to production is seamless.

• Pattern making
• Sourcing
• Cut & sew
• Hard & soft goods integration
• Wearable device development

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