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CAD and Computer Analysis

CAD and Computer Analysis sketch of turkey call

Get CAD models that can be used for prototyping and manufacturing

3D Modeling allows you to design and then view different concepts and features of your product before you build a prototype, and decide what would work best for your product.  Computer Simulation allows Kickr Engineers to use advanced computer programs to look at fluid flow or forces on parts of your product to help optimize the design in a digital environment. 

CAD and Computer Analysis engineer working on a CAD model

We do things differently

Whether you need CAD models and drawings for 3D printing, manufacturing, visual rendering, simulation or more, our engineers and CAD experts can create optimized CAD files for injection molding, machining, prototyping and manufacturing.

How our engineers can help

Explore different concepts & features in 3D

CAD rendering

Use our CAD services to quickly build out different designs or virtually test mechanisms for your product in 3D so you can make informed decisions throughout the development process. From simplistic conceptual CAD to fully featured and detailed accurate models, we help you scale our CAD talents to your project needs.

Create mock-ups and visual renderings

Salt Grinder Wood

Use your CAD models to generate stunning images so you can get feedback on your design and implement it before prototyping your product. Rendering can help your customers or investors to visualize your product and its operation and features in ways that may not otherwise be possible. Marketing materials and other critical communications are enhanced with beautiful computer-generated images of your product.

Finite Element Analysis

Stress Concentrations

Kickr’s FEA, or finite element analysis, uses advanced computer modeling and simulation techniques and software to analyze how your product’s strength, physical properties and other key physical attributes will work in the real world. FEA is similar to a “virtual experiment” where our engineers can apply forces to elements of a design to see how they would react. This allows us to make adjustments to materials, part thicknesses and strengths right on the computer design before we even build a prototype. This decreases redesign and helps us solve challenges at the earliest stage.

CFD – Computational Fluid Dynamics

CFD Flow

With expertise in computational fluid dynamics, or CFD, we can evaluate thermal properties, and air or liquid flows and optimize the design and engineering of critical features of your product before even making a prototype. For example, how cool with your heat sink to keep your electronics? What size hole in your plumbing fixture will create the right flow rate? These quantitative computer simulations and predictions can ensure that your design is as complete as possible – even before we test it with a physical prototype.

Get CAD files optimized for manufacturing & prototyping

Golphers tool Prototype

CAD (computer aided design) models are necessary to generate data for manufacturing processes like injection molding, tooling machining and even 3D printing. Create CAD models with designers and engineers who understand your manufacturing needs from the start and optimize your CAD files for those needs.

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