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Engineering services

A commitment to Engineering Excellence

We believe that thoughtful engineering and science, applied throughout the product development journey, is a key enabling factor to the success of your product. A well-engineered product is reliable, easy to use, and attractive to the customer. With thousands of products under our belt and a deep understanding of first principles and engineering techniques, our team will consider every detail so your product is functional, feasible, cost-effective and ready for manufacturing.

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Engineering is our passion.

Our Engineers are makers, builders and tinkerers who have a lifelong obsession with engineering. We are constantly experimenting with new technologies, both in the office and on our personal time, building robotic art installations, custom carbon fiber racecars and home automation devices in our free time. This is the deep engineering passion we apply to all of our projects at Kickr, driven by our strong desire to find the best technical solutions for your product challenges.

In your product engineering journey with Kickr Design, we will consider each and every detail when engineering your product with an emphasis on functionality (does the product work properly?), feasibility (can the product be manufactured effectively?), and cost (how expensive is the solution?).

Engineering focused on your customers

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Unlock the possibilities for your project with our team’s wide range of backgrounds and disciplines. We can solve virtually any design and performance challenge. Give us a call to talk shop and brainstorm engineering solutions for your project!

Most hardware and physical products require mechanical engineering to prototype and manufacture a working product.  Whether it is a plastic housing or a complex motor-driven mechanism, our ME team has the experience!  From injection molded plastic design to sheet metal, we are dedicated to designing your product to exacting standards, no matter how simple or challenging. Our engineers get your design up to spec for manufacturing and ensure that all mass-produced parts work and fit together off the production line. Get your product engineered the right way at Kickr Design.

Many products these days include electronics as the brains of the device.  From simple lights and switches to full-fledged mini-computers and microcontrollers, our electrical engineering team will help you define your product’s electrical needs and execute a design that is cost-efficient and robust.  We can even work with existing designs to upgrade or improve their functionality.  We have completed products ranging from X-ray systems to Virtual Reality (VR) tech, from simple lighting solutions to complex multi-layer PCBs.  We can use a wide range of components – like LEDs, wi-fi, cameras, sensors, Bluetooth, NFC modules, HD displays and actuators – and integrate them to work seamlessly together. Our electrical engineers are truly the best and can ensure that your electronics work flawlessly. 

Electrical Engineering Services

Today’s high-tech world could not run without the software behind the technology. Software engineers write the code that runs your computer, sends you text messages and allows you to watch videos over the internet.  Software is intimately integrated with the hardware it operates on, and it needs to be designed as carefully as the hardware itself. We have developed software solutions for robotics, IoT Data Management, optical tracking, and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Considerations such as how a user interacts with the software and the functionality and algorithms that define how the software reacts to a user all need to be expertly designed by software engineers who keep functionality and user experience (UX) in mind. At Kickr Design, we consider all aspects of the software – and how it should work with your hardware – to create a valuable solution for your product and business.

Firmware and Software Services

Mid-process testing and validation include tests of components, mechanisms, or subsets of the product that we want to verify efficacy for before proceeding. These can be called feature tests or design experiments and can help the design and engineering team evaluate options against specific performance criteria. After prototyping and even during the manufacturing stages, our testing and validation process will ensure that your product comes off the production line ready to impress your customers. Our testing process helps to evaluate possible failure points, and provide engineering and manufacturing solutions and help you make sure your product works perfectly for your customers.

Testing and Validation Services

By the end of 2016, there were over 17 billion IoT devices in the hands of consumers worldwide, and that number is expected to increase dramatically in the next decade according to IHS projections. At Kickr, our team of expert engineers know exactly how to transform your product into a high-tech, internet-enabled device so you can take advantage of this growing market.

Electronics and IOT Services

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