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Design testing and validation services

Testing and validation are an integral part of the development process

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We know product testing

Kickr Design has experience building customized test jigs for mechanical and electronic testing, automatic testing of PCBs during production using in-house built fixtures and firmware.

Mid-process testing and validation include tests of components, mechanisms, or subsets of the product that we want to verify efficacy for before proceeding. These can be called feature tests or design experiments and can help the design and engineering team evaluate options against specific performance criteria. Later in the process, as we move into prototype iteration, testing and validation can include full feature testing, user testing and gathering feedback. Beyond that, as manufacturing approaches, we will look at designing and building specific production test fixtures and devices to ensure quality and consistent performance across the manufactured product.  

Design testing and validation engineer testing a product

We do things differently.

Right from the beginning of your project, we are already thinking about how we will test and validate our solutions to your product ideas. Testing is a critical part of the product development process, and we are here to help, even if that means custom test fixtures or equipment.

For example, Kickr Design has experience building customized PCB test jigs for electronics testing during production, which utilize their own custom software, hardware and electronics to be able to rapidly determine if a circuit board’s functions are all acting as expected and fully functional. Occasionally this can also be called burn-in, where we run a PCB through its paces as if it were in the final device in a consumer’s hands before it even gets put into the product.

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