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Product Design Services

Bridging the gap from
paper to prototype to production

Hands sketching out a product design sketch

Leveraging talent in engineering, design, and fabrication to bring your innovative vision into physical reality.

Your product may be beautifully simple or technically complicated – but one thing we know, you want your customers to enjoy their interaction with your product.  That interaction, that user experience and its ease of use, comfort, how natural it feels or how it looks to your customers all comes down to great Design.  

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We do things differently.

Our design team works closely with you to conceptualize and create a product that not only meets your technical requirements in form and function but will also be beautiful, striking and stand out of the crowd.  

To get there, we use a variety of design techniques from sketching, digital renders, CAD, AI and generative design, human-centric & responsive design and sustainable design techniques to create the best version of your product.

Design focused on your customers

Unlock the possibilities for your product with our team’s wide range of backgrounds and disciplines. We can solve virtually any design and performance challenge.

Concept Development and Sketching

Product design Concept Development and Sketching

There are many different ways to make any single product, and having a variety of concepts to choose from ensures that your design suits you and your future customers. During the collaborative concept development phase, our team will generate and document new and innovative solutions and concepts for your product using a variety of manual and digital sketching methods, brainstorms and conceptualization sessions.

3D CAD Modeling

Product design 3d cad model

Using computer modeling software, we can turn your idea into an interactive 3-dimensional digital part. This 3D model evolves as it continues developing, and it allows us to generate the data we need for prototyping and manufacturing your product. Our industrial designers and engineers work together on your CAD model to make your visual and functional elements work together seamlessly.

Creative Content and Product Renders

Product design render

We can turn your 3D model or idea into a beautiful and realistic product rendering and gain attention from potential customers and investors. We can provide you with photo-realistic images and animations so you can describe and gather feedback on your idea. Your presentations, marketing materials and proposals will look professional with our creative content.

UI/UX Design

UI product design example

Careful design considerations around layout, colors, branding, workflow and functionality all contribute to making a great user experience that delights your customers and keeps them coming back for more. Kickr’s UI/UX designers take your and your user’s specifications and needs into account as we move through the UI/UX design process, generating beautiful software and apps that are enjoyable for your customers to use! Once the designers complete the UI/UX, the software engineers turn the design into a workable software solution and interface.

Product Testing and Evaluation

Prototype example

Your first prototypes are an important step in testing your product viability and features. We can assist with focus groups, product lifecycle testing, product quality testing, and evaluation of the product efficacy for your application. Using a combination of real user testing, digital and computer modeling and in-house testing at our Atlanta, GA facility, we can evaluate different factors of the design throughout the development process to help ensure the best possible product and design outputs!

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