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Advanced Research and Development

Break out of the typical boundaries

Innovation at our core

To be truly innovative, you need to break out of the typical boundaries of your own perception.  To think not just outside the box, but in a different dimension altogether.

Our team is built of inventors and creatives who in their free time design moving art installations, engineer carbon fiber cars from scratch, and never stop innovating. When they come together on your project, you can draw from an innovative passion that flows through us constantly, and a depth of engineering, science and design that is world-class.

Innovation focused on your market needs

Group of engineers doing r&d product design on sketch paper

Innovation and R&D are not linear pathways. We help you shepherd your goals into a manageable and meaningful innovation strategy that helps us focus on what’s important and tackle the right problems to move your project forward.  We don’t want to get lost in the periphery but buckle down to tackle your problems and develop workable solutions. Not only do we have the chops to solve unique problems (like how to keep delivery French Fries crispy and hot for hours), but we can back that up with the ability to build and test right here in our shop in Atlanta, GA.

Ideas that change the way we work, play, live and be human – products like the smartphone, VR, and the calculator – are innovations that came from big ideas.  Innovation is all around us, and Kickr wants to help you stay in the forefront by being part of your R&D team, and pushing the boundaries of your industry together.  Talk to our team about how we can partner on your path to success.  

Leveraging the deep experience of our 40+ engineering and design specialists across nearly every industry helps us cross-pollinate ideas and bring unique perspectives to your project.  We love to push the boundaries of innovation – if it is a hard problem, we are jazzed about helping you find the best solutions.

Innovation is not limited to the lab but happens on a large scale as well.  We have helped to develop industrial equipment to sort metals by elemental content, control cooling water flows on complex CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) equipment and measure real-time chemical concentrations with a handheld device.  These innovations in industrial and commercial spaces have helped our customers launch new business units and gain efficiencies in their current processes. 

Innovations we’ve been part of

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