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Consumer Product Development

Medical Device drawing

Real-world problems require real-world solutions that consumers want to buy

Our flexible, forward-looking approach takes into account not just the traditional design inputs, but cues from other industries as well as your own experience and needs for your product.  We have the engineering and design chops to help you build a world-class product, no matter where you are starting or where you need to go.

We can help whether you have an idea and don’t know the next step or already have a few prototypes built but need help taking your solutions to the next level.

Elaminator consumer product development example

Get to market faster with products that consumers are excited about.

We can assist with any part of the design process, from initial conceptualization and brainstorming all the way through manufacturing.  We don’t focus on a single product type but leverage our broad experience across all industries.  We provide a full suite of engineering services, from mechanical, electrical and software engineering, to Industrial design and even biomedical engineering and industrial automation, and can match our team’s expertise to the project needs.  Beyond design and engineering, Kickr has a team dedicated to helping bring projects to production in large volumes, and all of the quality control, testing and optimization for manufacturing. 

Figaro Crowns

Figaro Crowns™

Our clients at FIGARO CROWNS™ INC are the inventors of the patent pending fiberglass crowns known for being the strongest, prettiest, and best value for any dental restorative.

Kickr Design has supported FIGARO CROWNS™ with materials formulation, crown design, prototyping, testing, Canada Health, FDA & CE approval and manufacturing.

Figaro Crowns Product - medical device development

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