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Firmware and software services

Today’s high-tech world could not run without the software behind the technology.

Firmware and software engineering code

Software is more than just code on a computer. In today’s devices, software is integral to nearly every product that contains electronics, computers or microcontrollers. We have a robust software development process to help minimize risk and maximize our development efficiency and a fully US-based software team that can quickly understand your needs and project requirements and translate that into quality software and firmware.

Software may operate behind the scenes, but don’t trust your critical software and user interactions to an outsourced team or individual! Kickr Design’s expert software team will design, implement, and test custom solutions for you to ensure that your hardware works just as it should. We have developed software solutions for a variety of different applications including robotics, advanced control systems, machine learning, IoT data management, mobile apps (iOS and Android), optical tracking, and much more.

We offer front-end (UX/UI) design as well as back-end development so that your software application works quickly and intuitively.

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User Interface (UI) and User Experience(UX)

In addition to being popular buzzwords, UI/UX development encompasses the front-end of your product’s software. Layout of the user screen, how intuitive and easy to use your product is for your customer and how your product handles error conditions all need to be carefully crafted and programmed for product success. Leveraging our design team and our software engineers together, Kickr provides expert designs, user flows, and visuals to wow your customer with a crafted user experience. Whether it is a smartphone app or PC software, our in-house team can develop for your platform. A small sample of the platforms we develop for:

  • Windows and Mac applications
  • Device drivers
  • IoT & Cloud(including Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure)
  • PLC Ladder Logic, Allen Bradley
  • VR/AR with Unreal engine and Unity
  • Playstation and gaming systems

What is firmware?

Firmware is the low-level software that is typically “invisible” to an end user. It is the code that runs on a microcontroller, often referred to as embedded systems. This software typically is interfacing with and controlling sensors, actuators, motors and making low-level decisions about device functionality. For example, turn off the heating element when the temperature rises above a specific set point. The firmware can control Bluetooth or wifi communication and can handle sending and receiving data to and from a device. Kickr’s dedicated firmware engineers work side by side our hardware engineers to develop software that perfectly integrates with the hardware we design.

Programming Languages

Variety is the spice of life, and we often find ourselves working across different programming languages depending on the specific application. Here are some example languages that we program in on a regular basis.

  • Firmware & Embedded systems: C, C++
  • Windows/PC applications: C++, C#, .NET, Javascript
  • Phone applications: Node.js
  • And many more!

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