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cdc testing device - government development project help

CDC HIV Testing Device

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) approached Kickr about 1.5 years to help them develop, prototype and build an HIV testing device that is electronic, low-cost, and deployable anywhere in the world.  Through a few rounds of testing and iteration, we worked with the CDC scientists to build a small device that heats a sample of the users blood and a CDC developed enzyme to a specific temperature to activate, and then safely and automatically applies it to a lateral test flow strip (similar to a COVID test) to evaluate the results while providing secure and safe handling of the sample.

The device was built to be dead simple to use, with a single button press with auditory feedback on test success.  We built the initial prototype using many off the shelf components, and are currently iterating on the device with the delivery of 5 test units upcoming.  This involved user interface design, housing design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering (a custom PCB board and electronics), as well as custom firmware and an understanding of the process requirements for a successful test.