Our Approach to Developing Your Products

Every entrepreneur, startup, and company is unique and you have your own set of skills to contribute to your product’s development. Your product engineers should provide the right type of support for your specific needs and not a “one-size-fits-all” process. At Kickr Design, we offer you free consultations and a Free Project Estimate so you can discuss your project confidentially with an experienced lead engineer and draw up the right plan to get what you need. We are always happy to walk you through all your options and help you make informed decisions throughout your product development journey— give us a call today!

Our Office & Prototyping Workshop

End-to-end product development services under one roof in Atlanta.

Founder & CEO

Addison Shelton, CEO of Kickr Design is a Stanford mechanical engineer with an engineering background that far predates his collegiate education. A proud owner of a drill-press and table saw by the time he entered middle school, Addison was born with a passion for engineering and that passion has only been nurtured throughout his career.

Since graduating from Stanford, Kickr’s CEO has worked as a lead production engineer for Apple, a founding engineer for Sila Nanotechnologies, and product design expert with his mobile accessories company TaskLab. In addition to his engineering experience, Addison has spent several years overseas building close and personal relationships with various international manufacturers and industry professionals.

As CEO of a unique prototyping firm, Addison aims to put skilled engineers to work all while helping inventors around the world achieve their dreams of bringing their brilliant products to market.

Industry Partners


Kickr Design is proud to be an official Infineon Associated Partner for Design House Services


We are always excited to talk about new projects. If you have a new product idea or just interested in more information, talk to a lead engineer and get a Free Project Estimate.