Get the right prototype for your needs

Enterprises, Individuals and Startups all use prototypes for different applications. At Kickr Design, our team of product designers and engineers build your prototype based entirely around how you plan on using it. Talk to a lead engineer to discuss your prototyping needs, and we will make you a Free Project Estimate to fit them.


How a Prototype Can Help You Solve Your Challenges:


Prove & Test Your Concept

Validate your product idea by making a real, working model and receive helpful feedback from test users.


Pitch Investors & Customers

Make it easier for investors and customers to understand your vision by showing them something real and tangible.


Prepare for Manufacturing

Prototyping is a cost-effective way to edit and confirm your product’s design before investing in expensive tooling.



We have engineers and prototyping specialists ready to talk with you about your prototype and write a personalized estimate for your project.

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Start to Finish Services All Under One Roof

Our entire prototype development team works together at our workshop so communicating with us is easier and your project moves faster.



Get started on your prototype today!

Talk to an engineer about your project and get a Free Prototyping Estimate.

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