The Client

Caleb is a young entrepreneur who has a talent for identifying problems with valuable solutions. His brother Seth works at a hospital, so Caleb is always researching challenges in the medical field. One challenge in particular stood out to him— ER and field medics do not have a reliable lung ventilation device. Seth explained to Caleb that sometimes medical personnel have had to use makeshift devices, including those made from urinary catheters, in order to provide proper lung ventilation to patients in the field that were suffering from a punctured or collapsed lung. Surgeons had access to a limited number of tools for this application, but even those were complicated and difficult to use. In a lung ventilation scenario, each second could mean life or death for the patient. Caleb was surprised that a medical device did not already exist to help make this process easier and faster, so he decided that he would be the one to do it.

The Challenge

Caleb wanted to reduce the overall time needed to provide proper ventilation to patients with injured lungs and help save their lives. After researching on his own, he decided that the main problem with the current lung ventilation process is the hardware and its archaic design. In order to solve it, Caleb wanted to redesign the physical mechanism by which the airflow was directed. He not only wanted to create something that worked, but something that would be FDA approved as quickly as possible so he could start selling it. Here are some requirements for the project:

-Speed up the process of configuring and re-configuring lung ventilation tubes

-Reduce the rate of user error by designing a device that was focused on the end user’s experience (in this case, a doctor or nurse)

-Device must be designed to be manufactured under strict FDA quality controls and regulations

Excited to pursue this opportunity, Caleb began looking at firms that could provide the engineering experience needed to bring his medical device to market.


The Solution

Caleb was looking for a company who would be willing to walk him through all his options so he could make his own informed decisions throughout the project. Caleb reached out to Kickr Design for a Free Consultation and Estimate and spent time working with a lead engineer to develop a comprehensive plan to get him to an FDA approved device. After we walked him through his options, we got to work. Here’s what we were able to do for him (see gallery):

-Developed a device that is significantly faster to use than previous ventilator tubes

-Designed a simple user-interface that made switching airflow between lungs easy and instant

-Provided FDA compliance services throughout the entire project and used off-the-shelf parts that were pre-approved to speed up the process

-Throughout the project, we shared many different design concepts and options with him so he could be confident that the final product is the right product

The Results

Caleb worked closely with our team to explore as many different design options in as many different ways as he could, and that resulted in the best design possible for the device. Caleb is so happy with the design of his device that he is taking the next step in manufacturing units to submit for the final rounds of FDA compliance testing and setting up his supply chain for future orders. Once manufactured and tested in multiple labs, the new technology will be officially “on the market” for purchase. We can’t wait to see Caleb sell these and represent a future generation of entrepreneurs who are genuinely interested in solving the world’s problems.

Project Gallery

The folks at Kickr Design have been an incredible asset. Their level of efficiency and professionalism has been a pleasure to work with. Their capabilities have made the product development process incredible! I enjoy bragging about the work Kickr does and I highly recommend their services!
— Caleb, Medical Device Innovator

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