Prototypes designed to look, feel, and perform the way you want

Prototyping is the phase of product development where your concepts and 3D CAD designs become physical products, and they are used for a wide range of different purposes like demonstrations and presentations. The prototyping process is helpful because it allows you to test product features, manufacturing methods, and user experiences before full-scale production. The feedback and information you can gather from prototype testing is crucial in implementing and launching a successful product. We have all the tools you need to take your product from idea to reality. Contact us to learn how we can build your product!

Custom prototypes to fit your needs

At Kickr, we understand that every product, project, and inventor has different needs. Whether it be used for testing, a focus group, or an investor presentation, we want to build you a prototype to fit your needs entirely.

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Prototyping Capabilities

Our prototyping shop is completely outfitted with all the equipment necessary to fully fabricate your product. The mechanical, electrical and software elements of your product are all developed under one roof at our location in Atlanta, allowing for rapid fabrication and feedback on your design.

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