Proof of Concept (PoC)

A proof of concept prototype is a way of testing to see if your unique idea for a new product can actually be made to function and work properly. Often, we develop proof of concept prototypes to highlight the unique features of the product to ensure that they work as intended and that it can be manufactured at scale. PoC prototypes are a great way to test for feasibility and gather early user feedback to further develop your product. A proof of concept is typically the least expensive way to build a prototype because it requires the least number of features. Are you interested in developing a proof of concept for your product? Contact us to get started!

Production Ready Prototype

Production Ready Prototypes are typically the final prototype built prior to full-scale manufacturing. These prototypes include all of your product's features and are essentially identical to the mass produced units. Production Ready Prototypes are much less expensive than a manufactured unit because they are made using prototyping methods rather than large scale manufacturing equipment. They are developed so that you can test your individual parts and fully assembled units before making a large investment for mass production. Is your design ready for production? Contact us to get started!

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