The Client

Simon is an entrepreneur from California who is passionate about how organic materials are packaged and stored. He designed & developed a new type of storage container on his own that included all the necessary features to keep what’s inside at peak freshness. After designing his containers around his particular application, he realized that he would also need to develop some sort of organization system for all them that made sense for his particular industry to reduce clutter and inventory labor costs. Simon figured that at this point, he should work with a company that could design an organizer tray as well as manufacture both the containers and trays at scale.

The Challenge

Simon came to us with a design for his individual containers, but he still needed help with designing the storage tray, selecting materials, and manufacturing both the containers and trays. We identified a few key challenges with Simon:

  • Design an easy-to-use storage shelf to use with his individual containers that include press-fit feature

  • Choose materials for the containers that are cost-effective, recyclable and oxygen-blocking

  • Review designs & manufacture both the containers and storage shelves

plastic container closeup

The Solution

Simon met with Kickr Design to discuss his project, and received a Free Consultation & Project Estimate from a lead engineer that highlighted all the product development services he needed to help him achieve his project goals, including:

  • Design Reviews

  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

  • Materials Selection

  • CAD

  • Prototyping

  • Manufacturing

The Results

Simon’s new containers and organizer trays are in full production and manufacturing. Each container fits into the organizer trays such that they are secure and stackable. With products now available to sell, Simon has launched a website with an online store and continues to sell his products into a growing industry around the country.

Project Gallery


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